The Arches Shop – Single 1/24

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The Arches Shop - Single

The Arches Shop (single) a Georgian design but in 1/24th Scale.

Fore Street Top Box

A single small top box called the Fore Street top box is another ideal starter or small project build suitable for the Fore Street Shop.

The Malbury Shop

The Malbury is a 2 storey room box, ideal for having on a window display.

The Malbury design theme follows a Gregorian pattern.  There are two balustrade details on on this Dolls House room box with the sign board for the shop situated at the center of the top windows.

The Arches Shop - Single

The Arches Shop (single) a Georgian design.


This awesome lovely Georgian building is the Burford Shop.

The Eaton House is 750mm (30 inches) wide.

At each end of this fabulous dolls house you will find 3 windows providing additional light.  With an additional 9 Georgian style windows complimenting the front with a large front door (design may differ to one than pictured) and 3 dormer windows occupying the roof.

The Grange - Georgian

The Grange – Georgian has 6 rooms with central stairs.

A Georgian style house with all 5 windows on both floors being of a Georgian style.


The Dalton is a 7 room Georgian dolls house.

This 36″/3ft/900mm wide dolls house is our best selling dolls house at Dolls House Direct.

The Abbey

This amazing Dolls House by Dolls House Direct is called The Abbey.

The Abbey is a typical 6 bedroom Dolls House with central stairs isolated by room dividers.

The Belmont

The Belmont is a Georgian terraced shop and house.

This Dolls House has 5 rooms, plus a large shop with hallways on the upper floors. Windows are featured on each of the side walls, with dormer windows in the roof.

Arches Double Front

The Arches Shop (double) a Georgian design.

The Windsor House This Exquisitely luxurious Georgian mansion dolls house.

This exquisitely luxurious The Windsor House Georgian mansion dolls house.